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Danfoss Distributors

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About Us
ATEX Approved Controls
Bio-mass valves
Contactors and starters
District Heating
Electronic soft starters
Extenerally operated valves
Pressure switches
Pressure transmitters
Solenoid valves
Temperature sensors
Temperature switches
Thermostatic valves
Vacuum valves
WRAS Approved solenoid valves
ACI Analogue power controllers
ATI BTI MTI SDT Electronic timers
AV210 Angle-seat valve
AVTA Thermostatic valve
AVTB Thermostatic valve
BCP Pressure controller
BVTS Thermostatic bio-mass valve
CAS 1080 2-step thermostat
CAS Pressure switch
CAS Temperature switch
CI 110-180 Contactor
CI 5 Mini contactor
CI 6-50 Contactor
CI 61-86 Series contactor
CI EI 210-420 Contactor
CIM Motor starters
Circuit breaker auxiliary contacts
Contactor auxiliary contacts
Contactor coils and accessories
CS Pressure Switch
CTI 100 Circuit breakers
CTI 15 Circuit breakers
CTI M Circuit breakers
CTI MB Circuit breakers
ECI Electronic contactors
EMP 2 Pressure transmitter
ETB Clip-on timer
EV210A Direct-operated valve
EV210B Direct operated valve
EV215B Direct-operated valve
EV220A - filter Servo-operated valve
EV220A Servo-operated valve
EV220B 6-22 Servo-operated valve
EV220B 15-50 Servo-operated valve
EV220B 65-100 Servo-operated valve
EV220X (EVSI) Ext. operated valves
EV222B Servo-operated valve
EV224B Servo-operated valve
EV225B Servo-operated valve
EV250B Assisted-lift valve
EV260B Proportional valve
EV310A Direct-operated 3 way valve
EV310B Direct-operated 3 way valve
FJVA Thermostatic valve
HP220 Axial valve
HP230N Straight seated valve
KP Dual pressure switch
KP Pressure Switch
KP Thermostat
KPI Pressure switch
KPS Pressure Switch
KPS Temperature Switch
MBC 5000 Pressure switch
MBC 5080 Diff. pressure switch
MBC 5100 Pressure switch
MBC 5180 Diff. pressure switch
MBC 8100 Temperature switch
MBD 1000 Plug-in display
MBS 1200 Pressure transmitter
MBS 1250 Pressure transmitter
MBS 1300 Pressure transmitter
MBS 1350 Pressure transmitter
MBS 1900 Pressure transmitter
MBS 2050 Pressure transmitter
MBS 2250 Pressure transmitter
MBS 3000 Pressure transmitter
MBS 3050 Pressure transmitter
MBS 3100 Pressure transmitter
MBS 3150 Pressure transmitter
MBS 32 Pressure transmitter
MBS 3200 Pressure transmitter
MBS 3250 Pressure transmitter
MBS 33 Pressure transmitter
MBS 33M Pressure transmitter
MBS 4010 Pressure transmitter
MBS 4050 Pressure transmitter
MBS 4201 Pressure transmitter
MBS 4251 Pressure transmitter
MBS 4500 Pressure transmitter
MBS 4510 Pressure transmitter
MBS 4701 Pressure transmitter
MBS 4751 Pressure transmitter
MBS 5100 Pressure transmitter
MBS 5150 Pressure transmitter
MBT 153 Temperature sensor
MBT 3260 Temperature sensor
MBT 3270 Temperature sensor
MBT 3560 Temperature sensor
MBT 5111 Temperature sensor
MBT 5113 Temperature sensor
MBT 5116 Temperature sensor
MBT 5250 Temperature sensor
MBT 5252 Temperature sensor
MBT 5260 Temperature sensor
MBT 5310 Temperature sensor
MBT 5410 Temperature sensor
MBT 5560 Temperature sensor
MBT 5722 Temperature sensor
MBT 9110 Temperature transmitter
MBV 2000 Isolation valve
MBV 3000 Test valves
MBV 5000 Test valves
MCI CI-tronic Soft starters
MCI CL Electronic motor starters
MCI DOL Motor contactors
Pressure switch spare parts
Pressure switches and thermostats accessories and adapters
Pressure transmitter spare parts
RCI Reversing motor contactors
RT Differential pressure switches
RT Pressure switch
RT Thermostats
RTe Pressure, temperature switches
Solenoid valve coils
Solenoid valve spare parts kits
TCI CI-tronic Torque limiters
Temperature switch spare parts
Test magnet 018F0091
TI 16C Thermal overload
TI 180 E Electronic relays
TI 25C - TI 30C Thermal overload
TI 630 E Electronic relays
TI 80-86 Thermal overload
TI 9C Thermal overload
TI 9C-5 Thermal overload
WVTS Thermostatic valves

Danfoss Industrial Distributors

Danfoss leading distributors, M & M Controls has attained a first class reputation for the supplying of Danfoss Industrial Control equipment, and are one of the largest independently owned Danfoss stockists and suppliers in the UK.

M & M Controls assist manufacturers to prosper and grow and it's what we do best - with industrial automation control and information solutions designed to give our customers a competitive advantage. From single industrial components including Danfoss industrial valves (solenoid, thermostatic and pneumatically operated), Danfoss pressure and temperature switches, Danfoss pressure and temperature transmitters, Danfoss temperature sensors,  Danfoss contactors and motor starters to integrated systems, our solutions have proven themselves across a wide range of industries and in some of the harshest manufacturing environments around, from refrigerators to boiler systems, autoclaves to windmills, M&M Controls can serve you.

For our full product range and technical catalogue visit: www.mandmcontrols.co.uk
To buy Danfoss products online visit: www.mandmcontrols.com
Our solenoid valve webiste : www.solenoid-valves.co.uk
Why not pay a visit our brand new website www.pressure-sensors.co.uk  where you will be able to select and buy-online Danfoss pressure and temperature transmitters/sensors

If you need a guaranteed delivery, there's a wide range of delivery options to meet your requirements, whether UK or overseas. - See Delivery information

We are now in a world where energy is at the heart of economic and environmental issues, Danfoss helps you make the most of your energy and environment concerns.  Danfoss operates in seven markets: Industrial Automation, Refrigeration and A/C, Heating, VLT Drives, Water Controls, High-Pressure Solutions and Solar Energy. Thanks to its unique offer, Danfoss engage in the research, development, production, sale, and service of mechanical, electrical components and solutions worldwide. Danfoss develops a full range of solutions to make energy safe and reliable, develops automation everywhere and improve energy efficiency.

Danfoss has 31,000 employees worldwide, 93 factories, operations in 25 countries, and 140 sales companies globally.


Danfoss Industrial Automation
The Industrial Automation Division research, manufactures and markets pressure and temperature controls, industrial valves and motor control equipment

Danfoss Industrial

Industrial Automation products include:
Solenoid valves 
Pneumatically operated valves 
Thermostatic valves 
Vacuum valves 
Coils for valves 
Pressure switches 
Differential pressure switches 
Pressure transmitters 
Temperature switches 
Differential temperature switches 
Temperature sensors 
Contactors and motor starters 
Electronic soft starters 

Solenoid valves, transmitters, switches and sensors manufactured by Danfoss, carry a variety of approvals including : DNV - Det Norske Veritas, ABS - American Bureau of Shipping, UL - Underwriters Laboratories inc., CSA - Canadian Standards Association and WRAS - S - Water Regulations Advisory Scheme plus many more......                                                 

Industries & Applications
Danfoss industrial controls are found in many applications from autoclaves to windmills.  These among others are part of the industries the controls division provides.

Industrial sectors Danfoss serves
Marine, Water, Offshore and Windmills• Air
• Water
• Boilers & District Heating
• Industrial & Mobile Hydraulic
• Marine 
• Wind Power

Industrial Boilers & District Heating
Pressure controlsDistrict heating BCP, RT and KP
Temperature controls KP and RT
Thermostatically operated valves AVTA and AVTB

Industrial & Mobile Hydraulic
Pressure transmitters for hydraulics MBS
Temperature sensors for hydraulicsDanfoss Hydraulics MBT
Solenoid valves for hydraulics EV210B, EV220B and EV310B
Pressure and temperature switches for hydraulics MBC

Pressure switches CAS, KPS, MBC and RT
Pressure transmittersDanfoss Marine EMP2 and MBS
Temperature switches MBC, RT, KPS and CAS
Temperature sensors MBT
Test valves MBV3000 and MBV5000
Solenoid valves EV224, EV250B and EV310B
Thermostatically operated valves AVTA
Wind Power
Sensors & controls MBS and MBT


Danfoss Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Controls
Danfoss Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Controls produces a comprehensive and highly reputed range of self-acting valves, electronic valves and regulators as well as system protectors and line components for the refrigeration and air conditioning market.
Danfoss refrigeration

The Danfoss Refrigeration and Air Conditioning controls product range includes thermostatic expansion valves, solenoid valves EVR and EVRA, thermostat and pressure controls KP, MP and RT, modulation pressure regulators WVFM, WVFX and WVS, filter driers, shut-off valves, sight glasses, check valves, non-return valves and water valves


Danfoss Nessie High Pressure Solutions
Danfoss Nessie High Pressure Solutions offer their unique Nessie water hydraulics product programme and other HP water solutions. – The Danfoss Nessie product programme covers more than 40 patents!

The Danfoss Nessie range main focus is on many distinct solution areas with targeted products and expertise. These areas are Reverse Osmosis, Humidification, Fire Fighting, Industrial Cleaning, Wood Processing, Water Hydraulic Systems, and Gas turbine efficiency and NOx control. Combining that with their internal system house, representing a strong technical and application knowledge, you have come to the best place for high-pressure water solutions.
Danfoss Nessie  


A more comprehensive range of products can be found on our sister website  www.mandmcontrols.co.uk
These include:
ASCO process valves, Tri-point switches, Numatic pneumatics, Joucomatic pneumatics, Sirai valves and switches, Gas valves and Socla water control valves.


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