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Danfoss Solenoid Valve Kits

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Danfoss Solenoid valve spare parts kits

Accessories & spare parts for Danfoss solenoid valves

Spare part kits - for EV210B
Danfoss EV210B kit
Type             Code No       Application
Spare parts 032U1060 - EV210B 1.5-3 NBR  
Spare parts 032U2003 - EV210B 1.5/2/3/4.5 FKM  
Spare parts 032U2004 - EV210B NO FKM  
Spare parts 032U2005 - EV210B NO EPDM  
Spare parts 032U2006 - EV210B NC 6-8-10 EPDM  
Spare parts 032U2011 - EV210B NC 6-8-10 FKM  
Spare parts 032U2012 - EV210B NC 15 FKM  
Spare parts 032U2013 - EV210B NC 15 EPDM  
Spare parts 032U2014 - EV210B NC 20 FKM  
Spare parts 032U2017 - EV210B NC 20 EPDM  
Spare parts 032U2018 - EV210B NC 25 FKM  
Spare parts 032U2019 - EV210B NC 25 EPDM  
Spare parts 032U3201 - EV210B 15 NBR  
Spare parts 032U3202 - EV210B 20 NBR  
Spare parts 032U3204 - EV210B 6 NBR
Spare parts 032U3205 - EV210B 10 NBR  
Spare parts 032U6000 - EV210B 1.5-3 EPDM
Spare part kits - for EV220B
Danfoss EV220B Kits
Type             Code No    Wt.[kg]    Application
Spare parts 032U0295  0.10 EV220B 15-50 FKM - Normally open conversion
Spare parts 032U0296  0.10 EV220B 15-50 EPDM - Normally open conversion
Spare parts 032U1062  0.04 EV220B 6 EPDM
Spare parts 032U1063  0.04 EV220B 6 FKM
Spare parts 032U1065  0.04 EV220B 10 EPDM
Spare parts 032U1066  0.04 EV220B 10 FKM
Spare parts 032U1067  0.04 EV220B 12 FKM
Spare parts 032U1068  0.04 EV220B 12 EPDM
Spare parts 032U1071  0.04 EV220B 15 EPDM
Spare parts 032U1072  0.04 EV220B 15 FKM
Spare parts 032U6013  0.04 EV220B 15 NBR
Spare parts 032U1069  0.05 EV220B 18 FKM
Spare parts 032U1070  0.05 EV220B 18 EPDM
Spare parts 032U1073  0.05 EV220B 20 EPDM
Spare parts 032U1074  0.05 EV220B 20 FKM
Spare parts 032U6014  0.05 EV220B 20 NBR
Spare parts 032U1075  0.08 EV220B 25 EPDM
Spare parts 032U1076  0.80 EV220B 25 FKM
Spare parts 032U6015  0.80 EV220B 25 NBR
Spare parts 032U1077  0.10 EV220B 32 EPDM
Spare parts 032U1078  0.11 EV220B 32 FKM
Spare parts 032U6016  0.11 EV220B 32 NBR
Spare parts 032U1079  0.16 EV220B 40 EPDM
Spare parts 032U1080  0.17 EV220B 40 FKM
Spare parts 032U6017  0.17 EV220B 40 NBR
Spare parts 032U1081  0.26 EV220B 50 EPDM
Spare parts 032U1082  0.27 EV220B 50 FKM
Spare parts 032U6018  0.27 EV220B 50 NBR

Spare Parts Kit for - EV220B-SS/EV222B Stainless steel
Danfoss EV220/EV224 SS kit
Type             Code No       Application
Spare parts 032U6326 - EV220B/EV224B 15BD/SS FKM  
Spare parts 032U6327 - EV220B/EV224B 20BD/SS FKM  
Spare parts 032U6328 - EV220B/EV224B 25BD/SS FKM  
Spare parts 032U6329 - EV220B/EV224B 32BD/SS FKM  
Spare parts 032U6330 - EV220B/EV224B 40BD/SS FKM  
Spare parts 032U6331 - EV220B/EV224B 50BD/SS FKM

Spare part kits - for EV225B
Type             Code No    Wt.[kg]   Application
Spare parts 032U3172  0.05 EV225 15 PTFE
Spare parts 032U3173  0.08 EV225 20 PTFE
Spare parts 032U3171  0.04 EV225 6-10 PTFE

Spare part kits - for EV250B
EV250B Kit
Type             Code No    Wt.[kg]   Application
Spare parts 032U5271  0.07 EV250B 10-12BD FKM
Spare parts 032U5315  0.29 EV250B NC 10-12 BD EPDM
Spare parts 032U5273  0.07 EV250B 18-22BD FKM
Spare parts 032U5317  0.32 EV250B NC 18-22BD EPDM

Isolating diaphragm kits - for solenoid valves
Isolating diaphragm
Type             Code No    Wt.[kg]  Description                Application
Spare parts 042U1010  0.13 Isolating diaphragm EV212B 1.5, EV222B 15-50 FKM
Spare parts 042U1009  0.12 Isolating diaphragm EV222 15-50 EPDM


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